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There are Music Videos, Music mp3 files, classic and rhythm music, and a little bit of the composers production.

Merry Christmas


New!! An unique concert with The "Oratorium Martin Luther King", "Stabat Mater" and much more at DuoCappuccino´s channel at YouTube. The soloists are Etta Cameron (USA-Denmark), Richard Boone (USA), Svetlana Timoschenko (Russia) and Manuela Laerke (Denmark).  Text and music are made by the composer Jan Erik Hansen. Click at this link: 

Music and the nature

The Rhythm with tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King (updated February 20. 2009)

Exhibition of the month (changes about the end of each month)

Glass- and oil-paintings from Jan Erik Hansen

extra: Thomas Lüttichau

a psychiatric patient, a great artist, which life was influenced from Bob Dylan's songs.


About the composer

The composers work methods

Schizophrenic Art

If you want to see more of the artistic world of this composer:

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