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Glass- and oil-paintings from Jan Erik Hansen



Oil paintings





Thomas Lüttichau

a psychiatric patient, a great artist, which life was influenced from Bob Dylan's songs. A great thanks to Mr. Dylan!

For the last seven years, Thomas was studying music with the composer Jan Erik Hansen at the school of Gallo in Aarhus, Denmark. His paint education was from the same school. We are very sorry, that Thomas passed away in the month of may 2010, in the age of 61.

He traveled around at the psychiatric café's, entertaining the patients with his interpretations of Bob Dylan's songs, for great happiness for everybody.

About two years ago, he was admitted at the psychiatric hospital with great anxiety (fear), and he asked for electric shock. He had to get eleven shocks to get rid of his fear. After this treatment, his memory was passed away, except all Bob Dylan's songs. All his songs was settled down in Thomas's  subconscious.


There is no room for his music, because of the space, but you can find it here: