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Schizophrenic Art


a schizophrenic artist

Ovartacis art was the inspiration to a different treatment in psychiatry. He was the source of the organization Gallo, where the psychiatric users have a big influence at a new creative treatment. At The Psychiatric Hospital of Risskov´s Museum, there are built different workshops in paintings-drawings with its own galleries, writing poetry and stories with its own publishing house, music and composing workshops with a music-exhibition-poetry café, pottery workshops and much more...   This place became to be a haven for the psychiatric user, and its all free for the hospitalized and early patients. Among  all this, there are crises advice, employment service, and all professional workers in this organization are early patients in the psychiatric system. That's because it is very important with a social safety net when they are in the treatment, and after their treatment. They all know, that they have a safe place to go, if something happens.

If You have some questions about the Gallo organization, please write me!!

Still Pictures:

the psychiatric hospital             


Ovartaci was a psychiatric patient for more than 50 years. His art and personality was the inspiration for a better treatment, where the patients creative talents was set in focus.

Ovartacis art is to be seen at the Psychiatric Hospital of Risskov, Denmark.



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